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Scoil Mhuire, Allenwood, Co.Kildare.

Halloween with Covid 19

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We are all glad to be back in school and thankfully we have had no cases of Covid 19.

A lot of extra work goes in to ensuring that we all keep each other safe.

The children have adapted to sanitising  and washing their hands many times during the day.

We are lucky to have two buildings in our school and we now keep the children and staff from each building separate most of the time.

We have different lunch breaks and this gives the children more space to play in the yard.

Halloween happened at Scoil Mhuire as usual, take a look at some of our photos below!

Halloween_2020_30.jpgHalloween_2020_29.jpg Halloween_2020_28.jpgHalloween_2020_27.jpgHalloween_2020_26.jpgHalloween_2020_25.jpgHalloween_2020_24.jpgHalloween_2020_23.jpgHalloween_2020_21.jpgHalloween_2020_20.jpgHalloween_2020_19.jpgHalloween_2020_22.jpgHalloween_2020_18.jpgHalloween_2020_17.jpg 

Halloween_2020_16.jpg Halloween_2020_5.jpgHalloween_2020_3.jpgHalloween_2020_15.jpgHalloween_2020_14.jpgHalloween_2020_13.jpgHalloween_2020_12.jpgHalloween_2020_11.jpgHalloween_2020_8.jpgHalloween_2020_7.jpgHalloween_2020_10.jpg Halloween_2020_2.jpgHalloween_2020_9.jpgHalloween_2020_6.jpg Halloween_2020_1.jpg