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This page has been put together for Parents. The drop down bar has different topics covered.

Below are the booklists for the School Year 2021 2022







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The school Calendar is also available and I will add new dates as they become available to me.



Letter re Learning support September

Learning Support

 The number of children attending the school has been increasing and the demand for learning support has never been higher. The Department, through the inspectorate, recommends more ‘in class’ support and less withdrawal of small groups of children for learning support. This year there will be a mixture of both. 

For English, the class teacher, assisted by the Learning Support Teacher and the SNA if she is available will, within the classroom, provide intensive support in five week blocks, starting with the senior classes, followed by third (full class) and fourth classes. This will be in the form of team teaching covering listening, comprehension, cloze and writing. It will be reviewed after each block before planning for the next phase of support.


The importance of teaching your child to read cannot be emphasised enough and your help and support is necessary for success. The’ Read at Home’ book is for you to work with your child at home. The child reads the story and the parents discuss the content using the questions on the page. If your child is struggling with this reading, please read the story for her or share the reading. Children at all levels should have stories read to them and read books for pleasure at their own level. Your child may also have other reading materials, which are being studied in class. As Mark Twain said, "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them."


Maths is a very important subject and there are some ways you can help your child to reach her full potential. Children need to be able to count to 20 in infants, 100 in first, 999 in second and 1000 + in third, and to be able to identify and read these numbers and this takes a lot of practice. Counting money is an excellent way to learn place value, making groups of ten and then putting them together to make a euro (100). 

Cracking Maths is now used in middle and senior classes and is accompanied by an excellent free website.

All children from Senior Infants have an online ‘Mathletics’ account which is an excellent back up for the work being done in class. The teacher regularly assigns tasks and monitors the progress of the child as she works through the tasks.

 Your support makes all the difference.