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Ms. Cleary 1st Class

iss Cleary 1st Class 


We have 33 great boys and girls in first class. Here are some of things we have been getting up to during the year.





We created self-portraits. Can you spot who is who ?






We have been learning all about different types of transport. We completed a traffic survey on the different vehicles that pass by our school.




Some days the weather is too bad for us to do PE outdoors. Here  we are doing some PE in our classroom following a workout from the body coach.



We have been hard at work learning about the numbers to twenty.

Maths1.jpg Maths_2.jpg


Rugby World Cup:

We are very excited for the rugby world cup. We learned the song

‘Irelands Call’ and we designed our own Ireland Jerseys.


Procedural Writing:

We have been learning all about how to write instructions. We wrote instructions to make lemonade and hot chocolate. We followed our own instructions and made some hot chocolate in class. It was delicious. Take a look at our great handwriting too.

Procedural_Writing_3.jpg Procedural_Writing_2.jpg Procedural_Writing_1.jpg





 We learned about what school life was like in the past. We came up with interview questions to ask our grandparents and parents. We talked about our findings. Some of our class even brought in some school pictures and workbooks.

History_2.jpg History_1.jpg


 We were busy preparing for Halloween. We made some witches hats and haunted castles.

Halloween_Art_7.jpgHalloween_Art_6.jpgHalloween_Art_5.jpg Halloween_Art_4.jpgHalloween_Art_3.jpg 

Dress up day:

We had so much fun on our dress up day before our Halloween break. We gathered around and carved a pumpkin and we ‘bobbed’ for apples. Everyone looked great in their costumes.



November and December:




We learned how to skip with long and short ropes. We have been bringing our skipping ropes on the yard at break times.  We are having so much fun.

Skipping_5.jpg Skipping_4.jpg Skipping_3.jpg Skipping_3.jpg Skipping_1.jpg

Skipping Workshop:

Skipping John came to our school and thought us some tricks with our skipping ropes.

Skipping_Workshop_2.jpg Skipping_Workshop_3.jpg Skipping_Workshop_1.jpg


 We have been doing stations in P.E. We have been practicing different running and throwing technique

P.E._12.jpg P.E._1.jpg P.E._10.jpg  P.E._8.jpg P.E._7.jpg P.E._6.jpg P.E._5.jpg

P.E._4.jpg P.E._3.jpg P.E._2.jpg





We have been getting into roles of different characters. Here are some of students in character as elves being interviewed by the class for a job in the North Pole


 We have been talking about different types of toys. We brought in our favourite toys and we compared them to different toys from the past. 

History_5.jpg History_2.jpg History_3.jpg History_4.jpg History_9.jpg History_15.jpg History_11.jpg History_17.jpg History_16.jpg History_14.jpg History_12.jpg History_6.jpg 



History_8.jpg History_7.jpg

 Christmas concert:

 Here we are on the alter for our Christmas concert. We had a great time signing for our families and friends.



Hot chocolate Party:

As we had such good behaviour in our class we won a reward of a hot chocolate party. Jingle the elf left some nice treats to have too.