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Scoil Mhuire, Allenwood, Co.Kildare.

Ms. Dunne (Junior Infants)


We welcomed 23 junior infants to Scoil Mhuire in September 2018. Junior Infants are in Room 10 in the back building.



Here we are on our first day of school drawing pictures of ourselves. 

Junior_Infants_hard_at_work_4.jpg Junior_Infants_hard_at_work_3.jpg 

Junior_Infants_hard_at_work_2.jpg Junior_Infants_hard_at_work_1.jpg

We were listening to the story of the 'Three Little Pigs' in Junior Infants this week.

We used these houses to help us retell the story in our groups. 



We've been using Ready Set Go Maths in Junior Infants alongside our Busy at Maths book to help us with our counting. Here we are playing the game 'Happy Faces' where we have to cover all the happy faces on our board. We loved playing this game!





We did a Taste Test this week as part of our SPHE. We tried lemon, onion, carrots, avocado, gherkins and olives. When we tried our food we gave our opinions on them. Our favourites were lemon and carrots. 

Junior_Taste_Test__4.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__9.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__3.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__8.jpg Junior_Taste_Test__7.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__6.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__5.jpgJunior_Taste_Test__2.jpg 


We had great fun dressing up for Halloween in the Junior Infant classroom.



We have been reading the story 'Elmer' by David McKee. This book is about Elmer the elephant who isn't grey like all the other elephants but is patchwork. We made our own patchwork elephants and stuck them up with a big Elmer. We really loved this story! 



Garda Paul visited our classroom and talked to us about lots of important things including road safety.


We decorated the Christmas tree in our classroom with lots of decorations.





January for Aistear our theme was ‘The Shop’.

We made a shop in our classroom, made out some shopping lists, built our own shops using Lego, sorted money and made sale posters.







World Book Day

This year for World Book Day we brought in our favourite books to read in the class.

We also did some paired reading with fourth and fifth class.




We have been learning how to add in Junior Infants. We have been using hula hoops and beanbags and counters and bowls to help us add up to five.




For spring we made some Cherry Blossom trees. We used our fingers to print the pink buds. 



We took part in the Incredible Edibles programme this year where we grew our own vegetables in Junior Infants. We all got a choice of growing either watercress, peas or tomatoes. Every day we had a 'Vegetable Detective' who checked on our plants and made sure they had enough water. 



For Saint Patrick's Day we made hats to wear for the parade but some leprechauns stole them from us! Luckily they dropped them back to us with a note explaining that they had just borrowed them for a party. They did have to shrink them though down to tiny hats to fit their heads! 



We all wore green for our Lá Ghlas this year.



In March our Aistear theme was 'At the Restaurant'. We created a restaurant in our room, we designed menus, built tables and chairs for the Restaurant using Lego and made food using Play-doh. 



This year for International Women's Day the girls in Junior Infants and the girls in 5th class all got together to have a chat about the things that are important to them.


We've been learning about people in our community and the different jobs they do.

Thank you so much to Aisling who told us about her job as a soldier, Emma who told us about working as a hairdresser and Aisling who told us all about being a nurse!